Apocalyptic Genesis
(Servants Of The Cruel Mother, Compilation, 2018-)


Oh, daughters of Lilith!
Dance naked and dressed in blood
With devil's light
Deeply rooted in your soul

In this cold night that will not know death
Where the Moon will never cross the Sun
Invoking the most inefable abominations
The hoof of the Beast trample the crucifix

Hail Apollyon!
Hail Lucifer!
Ave Satanas!

I open my flesh with the dagger
Rolled eyes, eyes in fire
I prepare my funeral to born thus
And bow the bearer of thorns to me

Black fire the one
Of the descendants of Cain
We will fly our standards
We will receive the most scalding tempests

Eternal circle of Death
A serpent devouring her spawning
A path to nowhere
The graveyard of Gods

I, Azazel!
I, Samael!
Ego, Satanas!

Covered by the darkness
Of the no stars most long night
Wrapped by the flames
Of the deepest abyss of Hell

I who raise over the Mount Sinai
I who consume the burning bush
I, life and death ecstasy
I, seed of war




Daguth Abaddon: Lyrics, music and voice.
Pudrot: Lyrics, music, guitar, bass, backing vocals and recording.
Darkgrof: Music and drums.
Simón Da Silva: Mixing and mastering at The Empty Hall Studio.