Temple Abattoir was founded in 2006 by Daguth Abaddon and Pudrot in Monzón (Huesca, Spain) to walk along the Black Metal path.

In 2008 we released our first recording: Nechronicles, a four-track demo deeply inspired in the WWI and the human confrontation. The line-up was: Daguth Abaddon (Vocal Strings) and Pudrot (Steel Strings & Drum Commander).

Sacrilege & Savagery, our first full-length, was released in 2010. It was recorded by Daguth Abaddon (Voices), Pudrot (Guitars & Drum Machine) and Kalhum (Bass). This album is based on dark feelings and the opposition against the Catholic Church.

We released our single SS-18 Satan, who is about the deadliest weapon on earth, in 2013. It was recorded at our rehearsal room in one take by: Daguth Abaddon (Vocals & Bass), Pudrot (Guitars) and Darkgrof (Drums).

Since 2014 we have drop out of live shows to focus our energies on composing and recording.

In 2017 Cacoangelion was released. It is a black mass in EP format to celebrate the arrival of the bringer of Chaos and venom, who comes from the Death to struggle against the Abrahamic faiths and exterminate them in flames. It has been officiated by: Daguth Abaddon (Vocals & Bass), Pudrot (Guitar & Chorus) and Darkgrof (Drums).

At present, we are working on Servants Of The Cruel Mother, a singles compilation album. Each song will be released along the years just like it will be recorded by the founder members, Daguth Abaddon and Pudrot, with the collaboration of different acolytes and allies.

All releases of Temple Abattoir have been recorded and its images developed, fundamentally, by the founder members.

Temple Abattoir don't follow any doctrine. Temple Abattoir walk our own path along Black Metal & Satanism.