The Blast Furnaces Of Dementia (Hate)
(Sacrilege & Savagery, Full-length, 2010)


In the extremes of insanity you say that I move
But I only wish that the suffering of others will quench my thirst
Is hatred and no madness that feeds me
In war I feel my true nature
Releasing from the chains of God


The legend that my scars tell
Memories of blood in the battlefield
The burnt gunpowder smell still invades me
I still dream with burning cities
My wish is to kill my enemies again
To feel their blood on my hands
To hear their agony laments


That is why I can't keep mortifying myself under the crucifix
That is why I can't keep kneeling down before God
That is why I can't to love
That is why my destiny is only to hate


I'll take my Hell to their lives
I'll take my weapons to their homes
Like rats they will escape on hearing the sirens
But like rats they'll be hunted
I'll enthroned above their mutilated corpses
I will piss above their putrid corpses