Necromantic Amok
(Sacrilege & Savagery, Full-length, 2010)


Under the thick night I walk to the graveyard
I disinter the corpse, I take my tools and...

Organs, muscles, I cut at random
I paint my body with blood
My hands open the chest cavity
And go out with the trophy
I embrace and eat her entrails
While she dances naked over the ground
The torso is broken by chainsaw blow

I reveal the future with my morbid wisdom

Emaciated and pale I caress the corpse
I smell and seek like a hungry dog
Frantic, I flatten the skull
Her nauseating smell pollutes the air
I remove the worms, all rotten it's mine
All fluids run by the dry river of life

I reveal the future with my bizarre art

Once painted my canvas
I can see the World's rape